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We personally consider nuru masseuses to be like angels that were sent down from heaven to provide us with some joy and relaxation

Another superb invention from Japan.

Japan is a country famed for it unique culture, innovation and harmonious society. It is also famous for possibly inventing the best erotic massage known to human kind. The say necessity is the mother of invention, and nuru massage was invented as a way for the adult erotic community in Japan to navigate around new rules restricted the work of prostitutes. As the selling of full sexual intercourse was banned, many adult workers developed a body to body massage that was just as good, if not better than sex. This of course came to be known as the nuru massage, and its cousin soapy massage too.

Let the good word spread.

With the rise of Japan as an economic super force after the destruction of the second world war, Japanese culture started spreading around the world. Many people came to visit Japan for both business and pleasure. It was here that many westerners came across this wonderful expressive body to body experience for the first time. Despite the fact that nuru massage started getting more well known, it was not until the explosion of the internet into main stream culture that it really went to the next level of exposure. With its many adult websites that were easy to access by anybody with electricity and an internet connection, the rise of porn tube sites exploded. These sites are much like YouTube where people can upload their own produced pornographic material. Some of the most popular watched adult videos on many of these porn tube sites were nuru massage videos. For the first time in its history, nuru and soapy massage were now seen by millions of people across the world.

Nuru masseuses will shower your body in erotic adulation.

Forget seeing the doctor, who is only going to prescribe you with some rubbish pills, which he probably gets paid by the pharmaceutical company to do, and go and see a nuru masseuse. She will clear you headache and strains inside one or two hours. Afterwards you will feel bright, alert and very satisfied. This is why they have been sent from heaven. So please raise a glass and give a toast the best erotic masseuses on plane earth.